Stonewall DFL

Stonewall DFL officially joins the protest of the Ordway’s performance of Miss Saigon due to its perpetuating negative stereotypes of women and persons of color and its romanticizing of human trafficking.

Our history is in step with the traditions of standing up to persecution and harassment and resisting oppressive forces. Before the events at the Stonewall Inn in 1969, there was the Harlem Renaissance and the civil rights movement. Members of our LGBT community fought for their right to love and be loved. They fought to play music and publish novels. They resisted the corrupt police force, fought for housing rights, jobs, education and voting rights. These were LGBT issues then and remain LGBT issue today. These issues contain intersections of various –ism’s and social constructed categories. There is no hierarchy to issues of oppression and prejudice.

Stonewall DFL has chosen to join the protest of the Ordway’s musical production of Miss Saigon. This production erroneously depicts people of color in stereotypical tropes, promotes human trafficking as love, and blatantly showcases the myth of white moral superiority.

Stonewall DFL stands with our brothers and sisters in the Asian American Community in confronting this assault on our shared humanity.

— Stonewall DFL
The LGBT Caucus of the Minnesota Democratic Farmer Labor Party