Mee Moua and the AAJC

For the last two decades, Advancing Justice – AAJC has worked with partners from all communities across the United States to monitor and respond to negative portrayals of Asian Americans in the media. The showing of Miss Saigon perpetuates harmful stereotypes that hyper-sexualize Asian women, minimizes the tragedies of war and human trafficking, and affirms racial privilege and superiority. These harmful themes have a real world impact on the lives of Asian Americans.

– Asian American women and girls are objectified and expected to be subservient followers instead of strong vocal leaders;

– The hardships and sacrifices endured by the Asian American refugee community go unrecognized – minimizing and disregarding our painful collective experience and continued struggles; and

– Asian Americans continue to be treated as second-class foreigners who are never accepted into American society – often leading to violence and hate crimes against the community by those who do not see us as fellow Americans.

We share the frustration and concerns that the Minneapolis-Saint Paul Asian American community has voiced regarding the Ordway Center for Performing Arts’ decision to perform Miss Saigon. We also support efforts to raise awareness and promote dialogue regarding the musical at performances around the country.

— Mee Moua
Former Minnesota State Senator, 2002-2010 (District 67)
President and Executive Director of Advancing Justice – AAJC, Washington, D.C.
Read the AAJC’s letter to the Ordway