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Don’t Buy Miss Saigon: A Few Must-Read Pieces

by GUANTE via Why Is Guante So Angry? October 09, 2013 (photo of the Don’t Buy Miss Saigon unity event outside the Ordway) If you follow my blog or my regular Opine Season column, you may notice that I talk a lot about social justice…

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The Cons of Miss Saigon

by KEN CHOY via Yahoo! Voices Oct 4, 2013 Miss Saigon returns to Minneapolis for the third time. And for the third time, protests will be organized to combat the production. Educational Value? Patricia Mitchell, President and CEO of the Ordway, asserts the educational and…

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Share Your Truth

I am a Vietnamese woman. I am queer. I am somewhere between masculine and feminine. I was born in Saigon and now a US citizen living in Minnesota. Miss Saigon missed the boat my family and I took to get here.

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