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Ordway Production of “Miss Saigon” Ignites Renewed Protests Over Racist Stereotypes

by HLEE LEE & SHEILA REGAN via The UpTake October 8, 2013 UpTake Video by Hlee Lee/Story for The UpTake by Sheila Regan Click here to watch Hlee Lee’s video of Don’t Buy Miss Saigon: The Unity Event. More than 200 protesters sounded off in…

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Why Asian-American Artists And Activists Are Protesting The Ordway’s Production Of Miss Saigon

by KATHRYN G. NELSON & SHEILA REGAN via The UpTake Originally published October 8, 2013 Miss Saigon: Protesters in New York City in 1991. Despite more than two decades of cultural-awareness actions, the show — and the protest — goes on. Photo by Corky Lee….

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