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REVIEW: ‘Miss Saigon’ may have been popular two decades ago but now past its prime

by ROB HUBBARD via Pioneer Press October 9, 2013 By Rob Hubbard Special to the Pioneer Press There weren’t a lot of great new Broadway musicals surfacing in the early ’90s, so audiences settled for “Miss Saigon,” turning a poorly written piece of musical theater…

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REVIEW: Miss Saigon at the Ordway

by JOHN OLIVE via How Was the Show? October 8, 2013 Why do we go to the theater? For the acting. Actors amaze and thrill us with their uncanny ability to become something else, to overcome the pain and sorrow of their existence. To triumph,…

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Excerpts from Michael Feingold’s review of Miss Saigon

The following is excerpted from Michael Feingold’s review of Miss Saigon, originally published in The Village Voice, April 1991:   “Every civilization gets the theater it deserves, and we get Miss Saigon, which means we can now say definitively that our civilization is over.   After this, I see…

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