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The Ordway Still Doesn’t Get Sexism and Racism (The Problem with Miss Saigon)

by MAI NENG MOUA via Racialicious October 15, 2013 Don’t Buy Miss Saigon Coalition’s ‘Our Truth’ Tumblr project slide show was projected in front of the Ordway Theater during the protest of the opening night of Miss Saigon. October 8th, 2013. Photo by Bao Phi….

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Don’t Buy Miss Saigon: A Few Must-Read Pieces

by GUANTE via Why Is Guante So Angry? October 09, 2013 (photo of the Don’t Buy Miss Saigon unity event outside the Ordway) If you follow my blog or my regular Opine Season column, you may notice that I talk a lot about social justice…

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The Problem(s) With Miss Saigon (or, how many stereotypes can you cram into one Broadway musical)

Prostitution is not a love story. But by focusing on this love story, Miss Saigon ignores or slights the dehumanization and exploitation of prostitution and instead tries to romanticize human trafficking. The musical ignores or slights the fact that this prostitution existed as a result of the U.S. military presence in Vietnam.

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