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We refuse to buy Miss Saigon — literally and figuratively. We will not pay for tickets to a show that says Asian American women are subject to the whims of white men, or that they are nothing but objects for sexual gratification. We refuse to believe that human trafficking is something at which we should gape. We do not support the myth that U.S.-based adoption is the best and only option for Asian children. And we roundly challenge a Southeast Asian wartime narrative that ignores colonialism and racial privilege.

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War Before Memory: A Vietnamese American protest organizer’s history against Miss Saigon

by BAO PHI via 18 Million Rising (Italicized words are lyrics taken from the libretto of┬áMiss Saigon) Miss Saigon is a musical about Vietnamese women, who are all victims in need of rescue from the Third World. It is a musical about the inherent goodness…

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